21 November 2017

Fifth Italian archaeological mission at Tulul al Baqarat (MAITaB)

Fifth Italian archaeological mission at Tulul al Baqarat (MAITaB)

Fifth campaign (September 22 - November 14, 2017)

The archaeological field activities focused on the two main mounds of the area. On TB1 two soundings have been opened on the eastern side of the temenos of the sacred complex, around the northern sector of the tell. To the side the Neo-Babylonian temple, an additional sounding detected the presence of a brick-flooring (most likely the top of the terrace) dated to the Early-Dynastic period. In this area, unfortunately, the structures have been long exposed and, therefore, strongly eroded by atmospheric agents; they have been also cut by the successive Neo-Babylonian reconstruction. On TB7, the sounding which brought to light a farmhouse on the north-western sector of the site has been enlarged. The limits of the building are not yet identified on the northern, eastern and southern sides, while on the western side an opened area with ovens and tannurs (an external production area) could represent a limit of this rather extended building. The dating of this complex is still to be pinpointed in detail, but, approximately, it could be positioned between the Jemdet-Nasr and the Early-Dynastic I-II periods. During the 2017 expedition, training courses that involved 22 Iraqi students and SBAH officials within the European Projects (Europe-Aid) EDUU - led by the University of Bologna and of which CRAST is a partner from this year - have been fulfilled. The training activities included excavations, surveys and cataloging/documentation practises on the field at Tulul al Baqarat (during the morning lessons) and a series of workshops (for example seminars, pottery drawings practises) held in the house of the expedion in Noumaniya.   

For more information on the mission, see: Projects - Iraq - Tulul al Baqarat

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