The restoration work of the Italian-Iraqi Institutes

Baghdad, December 2001

The work of the Italian-Iraqi Institute of Archaeological Sciences and the Italian-Iraqi Centre for the Restoration of Monuments at Baghdad, is the result of Centro Scavi’s commitment in the field of restoration and future best use. The work was highlighted in a photographic exhibition held in Baghdad in 2001, where the main projects – completed or under way – were illustrated. The work carried out at Seleucia and Choche, Tell Yelkhi, Tell Hassan, Nimrud, Hatra, Kifrin and Babylon in the field of archaeological research, and at Aqar Quf, Ctesiphon, Hatra, Ukhaidir, Ana and Mossul as regards photogrammetric studies, restoration, planning and future utilization, were duly exhibited in the most appropriate of settings: the refurbished headquarters of the Italo-Iraqi Institute of Archaeological Sciences, in the heart of Baghdad.

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