Statues Also Die. Conflicts and Heritage between Ancient and Contemporary

Turin, 09th March 2018 – 06th January 2019

The exhibition is held in three locations (Museo Egizio, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo and Musei Reali) and collects within a single and coherent exhibition itinerary Egyptian, Cypriot, Greek and Roman finds intentionally damaged or reworked both in ancient times and recent times. They are also interrelated with modern artworks by mainly Egyptian and Middle Eastern artists, inspired by the destruction activities against the cultural heritage that Isis/Daesh systematically operated in Syria and Iraq, and at the same time aimed at suggesting a reflection on the museums role. The CRAST presents here some photographic reproductions of the stone reliefs from the Sennacherib’s Palace at Niniveh (Museo Egizio), taken during a documentation campaign in 2002 carried out in collaboration with the MiBACT, a video about the Iraq Museum at Baghdad (Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo) and a video (Musei Reali) about the archaeological project currently underway at Tulul al-Baqarat in southern Mesopotamia, funded by CRAST and MAECI and directed by C. Lippolis.

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