Mediterranean Archaeology

Archaeology in Iraq, Jerash, Beirut, Carthage and Selinus

Turin, Palazzo Lascaris, Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano - Terme di Diocleziano, May 2003

The Exhibition, held simultaneously in Turin and Rome, presented with the help of photographs and drawings the main projects of the Centro Ricerche Archeologiche e Scavi di Torino which are now under way. In Iraq: the studies and restoration of the palace of Sennacherib at Niniveh; the proposals for the museological project for the new expanded Iraq Museum, as part of the town planning and architectural project for the City of Culture in one of the historic areas of Baghdad; the latest developments of the B.R.I.L.A. project for the recovery of the treasures of the Iraqi regional museums stolen in the aftermath of the Gulf War; and the laboratory project for the systematic study of the territory, whose aim is to produce a computerized analytical map of its cultural and environmental resources. For Jerash: the latest results of the excavation and survey studies in the area of the so-called Trapezoidal Plaza and the monumental Propylaeum, in the context of a study for a virtual visit to the Sanctuary of Artemis as it appeared in Middle-Imperial times. For Beirut: the most important items of the didactic underpinning for museums which have to illustrate, at the very least, the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Umayyad and Ottoman phases up to the French Mandate, affecting the growth of the city itself. For Tunisia: the results obtained at Uthina were presented, also the studies and most innovative proposals for activities in the Cultural and Naturalistic Park of the Maalga and the Punic Ports at Carthage. Finally, for Selinus: the proposals for the Architectural Museum and the Museum for the Selinus Territory.

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