09 April 2018

At banquet with the heroes

At banquet with the heroes

The book "At banquet with the heroes. The ivory furniture from the Square House in Parthian Nisa", by N. Manassero (with contributions by G. Affanni and C. Lippolis), has been published: born from the research project funded by the Shelby White & Leon Levy Foundation in 2012, it is the publication of a group of ivories from the Parthian period, found during the Sovietic excavations of the late 1940s in Old Nisa (now Turkmenistan). These are legs chairs, thrones, furniture or beds, with dimensions ranging from 5 to 70 cm in length, mainly worked on the lathe, almost completely devoid of figured decorations. Already known to the scientific community for over 60 years, but never adequately published (a single short article in Russian, dated to 1962, had little circulation outside the Russian-speaking countries), these materials now bring new hints for thought on their context of use on Arsacid ideology.

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